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Video Testfahrt

Test drive with the new Atacama 6300

In the end of 2016 they put the new Atacama 6300 to a test drive in the rough terrain of the Kaokoveld in Namibia. Otti Reitz produced a documentary about this test trip




JUMBO reunion in the UGAB!

“JUMBO reunion” in the Ugab

The ACTION MOBIL ATACAMA 6300 was taken on a test drive in challenging terrain. Read more about the adventures we experienced in the far North-Western part of Namibia, inclduing some close encounters with the majestic desert elephants of the Kaokoveld.




Giribes Plains with SAT telephone

Giribes Plains with SAT Telephone

Blog by Steffi and Otti Reitz of ACTION MOBIL, founders of ACTION MOBIL: More than 25 years ago, Steffi and I passed by this lonesome place in our old ACTION MOBIL Pinzgauer.




Atamaca im Kaokoveld

Expedition mobile Atacama in the Kaokoveld

Unspoilt landscapes where you feel like being on the moon - not to be reached in a common motorhome! ACTION MOBIL globetrotter motorhomes are built and equipped to master such landscapes.


Discover the world in an all-wheel motor home

Discover the world’s most magnificent places in your own expedition vehicle.

The optimum expedition mobile for adventurous globetrotters

Our luxury mobile homes have been extensively tested off-road. They come with different innovative cabins fitted with the latest technology. Whether you prefer a hydraulic elevating roof, an extendable bed or a hydraulic lift for your motorcycle at the cabin’s rear – with your all-wheel drive ACTION MOBIL truck you’ll be optimally equipped for all your journeys, adventure trips or expeditions.

We invite you to have a look at our different types of all-wheel motor homes. Take the “ATACAMA” series for example which offers a flexible arrangement of your living space due to its functional and creative floor layout and its elaborate door system. We’ll be happy to include your personal ideas when manufacturing the vehicle of your dreams.

Expedition motor home for adventurous globetrotters

ACTION MOBIL with MAN certification

We are well aware of the great responsibility which comes with building expedition vehicles and thus offer you only the best quality with well-proven construction parts. The constant search for innovation and the continuous testing of materials is reflected in the price of the final product. For prospective buyers looking for a more economical version of an ACTION MOBILE expedition vehicle we are offering the “PURE” series. It goes without saying that we don’t economize on security and quality but only on a couple of dispensable equipment and accessories.

We are proud to report that our modifications and assembly works of the MAN chassis passed the rigorous and extensive series of tests at the MAN factory which are necessary to get the MAN certification.

4x4 motor home in the desert

Whether you are looking for a comfortable expedition vehicle with two, three or even four powered axles - we can make your dream come true. And if any technical problem should occur while you’re travelling in the outback you’ll be able to isolate it with the diagnostic system of the basis vehicle and then contact us via the on-board internet connection, satellite positioning system or installed satellite phone. We’ll immediately start the necessary support measures.

Action Mobil Off-road-Vehicles at the Atlantic coast